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Case Studies

AAMSCO wins bid for Arkansas Voter ID system

AAMSCO Identification Products and Datacard Group Partner for State of Arkansas's new Voter ID Card Program - New voter ID Program will go into effect in 2014 and will require individuals living in Arkansas to show an identification card at the polls when they vote.

The new voter ID card program will require citizens to show photo identification in order to vote at the polls – which will be mandated via a new state law that was recently passed, Act 595, going into effect January 1, 2014. After consulting with AAMSCO to determine specific needs for the program, voter ID card requirements and design preferences, the state purchased a total of 98 Datacard® SP25 Plus card printers—which will be installed in the 75 county clerks offices—as well as Datacard ID Works® identification software, and cameras for photo capture. AAMSCO will also be providing local services, support to the state.

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