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High-Volume Card Issuance: More Efficiency When You Want to Mass Produce From One Location.


Central Card Issuance Offers Unparalleled Quality, Uptime, Cost-Per-Card


With the HID ELEMENT industrial card printer/encoder/laser engraver, HID Global delivers the most reliable, cost-effective, high-volume ID and financial card issuance available in the industry.

Desktop-based yet heavy-duty, HID ELEMENT is especially suited for the high-cycle requirements of large government ID card programs, financial institutions, laborious service bureaus and demanding large enterprises. Modular and scalable, HID ELEMENT offers high-resolution, UV inkjet printing, optional laser engraving and an array of encoding options to meet a broad range of credential program needs.

Key Features:

  •  High-resolution, UV inkjet card printing

  • Precision laser engraving

  • Multiple encoding options

  • High-capacity input/output of up to 1600 cards

  • Unprecedented modularity in a desktop

High volume card issuance enables issuers to efficiently produce a variety of card types at high volumes from a secure central facility. Customers receive their card in the mail and then activate it via the phone or online. Central card issuance offers unparalleled quality, uptime and cost-per-card. These systems provide technologies to address critical business issues and protect cardholder data with a variety of advanced security features. The open, flexible architecture of these systems provide a cost effective platform to meet new challenges as they emerge in a variety of markets.


The OCR-B/bar code scanner module is used to read a variety of preprinted serial numbers, document control numbers and bar codes on cards, which typically are used to control and monitor secure card blanks. Serial numbers and bar codes can be read and fed back to the system controller to be processed, re-printed and/or stored in the system audit trail. The OCR-B/Bar code scanner module is designed to read these pre-printed control numbers and use the data to complete card personalization.

Quality Assurance

Designed to help ensure accurate personalization of every card, every time, the Quality Assurance module is an innovative inline solution that allows card issuers to reduce costly manual quality inspections and increase production efficiencies. This module enables issuers to exceed accuracy requirements and decrease overall cost-per-card by verifying both optical and electronic elements of each card that passes through the system which includes embossing and indenting characters, topping quality, graphics and color printing, laser engraving, magnetic stripe and smart card data as well as facial recognition through pattern matching. The QA module gives issuers complete confidence that personalization features on every card is verified for quality.

Vision Verification

Cardstock Verification

Smaller batch sizes and unique card types require customers to have more cards in their vault, much smaller jobs to process, as well as many unique job setups. Operation managers have created manual processes to help offset these inefficiencies by creating “rainbow decks” in their vaults. These rainbow decks have the potential for errors by loading the wrong card for the wrong job and personalizing it incorrectly. Such errors lead to waste of all types: cards, supplies, labor and more. The vision verification module provides significant efficiencies for small job runs by conducting pre-programmed verification of the card stock in the MX system. In this configuration the module identifies one or more unique element(s) on each card stock and cross checks the data at the system controller level to recognize each card type, helping reduce costly human errors.

Visual Card Inspection

Many customers also have significant resources devoted to offline quality checking to help minimize errors in the card personalization process. Operation managers want to eliminate the manual quality check process and rely on technology to perform this function inline. The vision verification module can be programmed to check each card for various personalized elements.

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