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Introducing the 3D Sense Vape Detector from Triton Sensors

Want An Affordable, Effective Way to End the Vaping Crisis in Your School or District?


3D Sense Tackles Another Epidemic On Our Hands

Vaping is a big problem in schools these days. Kids are vaping in the bathroom, in locker rooms, in the hallways, and even in class! This can be extremely disruptive and dangerous. Vaping is proven to be a gateway drug, and it can lead to nicotine addiction. As more THC and fentanyl-lined devices and products hit the market, vaping in schools will continue to be a problem. The 3D Sense Vape Detector is a great step in the right direction.

  • Automatically alerts administrative staff via the Cloud when it sensors detect vape nicotine, THC and other compounds.

  • Alerts security staff when keywords are detected such as "help," "stop," or "shooter."

  • Picks up other loud noises that may indicate vandalism, bullying, fights, and even if someone attempts to tamper with the device

  • May be synchronized with campus security cameras

Want more information about the 3D Sense Vape Detector?

Call 501.562.3737 or Email Us.

Made by Triton Sensors, an industry leader in affordable vape detection and advanced air quality insight.

It amazed us to learn how uneducated young people are with regard to the toxicity of vaping. This report from PBS covers this very well.

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