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BadgePass ONE is changing the way customers produce ID badges. Users can manage and issue badges from anywhere, including their phone or tablet. The software is easily downloadable from the App store, making it compatible with most mobile devices and eliminating costly and time-consuming software installation on your network.

Manage and Issue ID Badges From Anywhere.

No Software Installation Needed

BadgePass ONE requires no software installation! The App is available for download from the Windows Store and Apple App Store, allowing for compatibility with most mobile devices. Capture photos and print your badges from anywhere – a remote office location, a coffee shop, even your home! Your badges will be sent to a print queue allowing for easy card production at any card printer location.

No Customer is Too Small to Cost-Justify This One!

Your subscription package is based on the number of cardholder records in your database and the number of card printer(s) required for card production. Included in that subscription package is everything you need for badge production – software, printer(s), ribbons and even support! Print as many IDs as needed each year, up to the size of your subscription package, with no hidden costs. Automatic billing occurs monthly or annually based on your facility’s payment preferences.

Advanced Printer Integration

What's that mean? The BadgePass Connect printer was specifically designed for compatibility with BadgePass ONE software. All you need is an available IP address and a network connection to start printing badges! No printer driver is required; plus, our user-friendly portal allows you to easily monitor printer status, print test cards, check print counts and ribbon usage and more!

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BadgePass One is a Fresh Approach to ID Badge Management.  Download a brochure today.

Security & Data Storage in the Cloud Where You Won't Lose It

Contact Us to Learn More or Arrange a Demo

With BadgePass ONE, cardholder data is saved securely in the cloud, so there is no risk of losing it if a computer crashes, gets hacked or is stolen. Even better, there is no need to maintain on-premises servers and computer workstations just for ID badge production. The app continuously updates as new features become available, so your system is always up to date

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