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On-Site Repair Service: The Better Way to Ensure Proper Resolution to System Issues.

The Value of On-Site Service for Today's ID Card Systems

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You Have a Choice, But You Must Choose Wisely

You have a choice for the maintenance and support of your ID Card System. You can have the system maintained by your local expert dealer, or do it yourself using the manufacturer’s 800 number and depot maintenance program.

There is no doubt that local, onsite service is better and more efficient. Your ID Card System is a “system”, and is an important part of your overall security program. You should treat it that way!

Here are some of the most common problems with using depot service.

  • If you have a problem, you must go through the time consuming process of speaking to an 800 number to troubleshoot. It may not be apparent if the issue is with the card printer, software, and camera or printer supplies.

  • If the card printer needs repair, you will need to ship it to the manufacturer. This means you have to save the shipping box, unload cards and ribbon (the ribbon has personal data), and you won’t be able to issue cards until it is returned. Be sure to arrange for insurance to cover any damages incurred during shipping and handling.

  • Often, when the printer is returned, the system still does not operate properly because there are problems in other areas of the system.

  • The returned printer may be a different serial number. Your new printer now may be one that is older. And, you have to go through the process of updating your organization asset serial number list.


With onsite service, you are free from the time, worry and issues of depot.

  • If an issue arises, a local technician quickly responds and fixes the problem onsite.

  • The technician is an expert and can determine what area (card printer, software, and camera) is causing the problem.

  • A large inventory of replacement parts is stocked in the local office, so downtime is minimal.

  • A service agreement includes routine inspections that keep the system in good working condition and extends its life. Cleaning of the rubber feed rollers is one example.

  • Your ID software is maintained on a software maintenance agreement so you will always receive the latest updates.

  • Your service technician will keep you apprised of product and technology changes. Manufacturer mandated “field updates” will be installed, such as new firmware.

Need repair service for your system? Ask AAMSCO for Help.
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