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Digital, Thermal, Laser & Inkjet Capabilities Are Available and Ready.

Meet Your Marketing & Environmental Policies With Our Service Bureau Personalization & Fulfillment

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A Convenient, Low-Cost Resource for ID Card Production and Database Requirements

AAMSCO’s in-house service bureau provides low volume, (non-photo ID), personalized cards. For full-service identification and commercial production requirements, we partner with fulfillment facilities utilizing the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill your personalization needs.

Whether you are a small business, large corporation, retailer, educational facility, health facility, or government municipality, outsourcing your ID card production and database requirements is a convenient, low-cost alternative.  

You can personalize cards, and carriers to meet both your marketing and environmental policies. Choose from digital, thermal, laser and inkjet personalization capabilities to encode, print, assemble, address and distribute your finished pack. Camera verification helps ensure the correct personalized card is attached to the correct personalized pack and address.


  • Mag stripe, EMV, dual interface (contact and contactless), and RFID

  • Temporary and permanent cards

  • Card and carrier personalization

  • Barcode and numbering

  • Matching patented activation label

  • Magnetic stripe encoding

  • Affixing and insertion

  • Financial institution and store distribution

  • Application form printing and card affixing

  • Direct-to-consumer addressing and mailing

  • Programming and pin management

  • Low- to mid-volume and over the edge card printing

Need more info on our service bureau? Ask AAMSCO for Help.
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