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The Future of Video Intelligence is Right Here

So you want to protect people and property from a wide range of threats including crime, violence, and medical emergencies. We get that. Just one question first - how would you like to have that with intelligent automation? You know, the type of technology that can uncover valuable insights within your data, function seamlessly with existing hardware and systems, and catch every second of what goes on around your facility without ever blinking. This is what we've discovered with VOLT.

24/7 Smart Monitoring

With what we've learned so far, VOLT is an AI platform that sits on top of your video surveillance network. It provides situational awareness you didn't have available before with 24/7 automation that never gets fatiqued, or even blinks for that matter. Weapons, people, objects are all tracked in real time, and map-based geolocation shows you exactly where something is up that merits immediate response.

Reduce Alarm Overload

Security professionals usually have to wade through thousands of false alarms every day, leading to fatigue and missed incidents. With VOLT you get alerts for what you need to see, not what you don't. You'll certainly free up valuable time, reduce fatigue and respond to real issues much faster. All of that contributes to a more meaningful job experience for your security people too.

Once More About Geolocation

Security incidents move fast, very fast. So with the Volt.AI platform you track an incident as it happens, where it's happening. The technology generates 3D maps of your buildings, the geolocation pinpoints the exact location of the situation and gives first responders real-time location data so they know where to deploy assets before they arrive.

Things You Can Say "No" To

No vendor-lock in. Choose whatever surveillance hardware  you prefer. And if you do need some new cutting-edge device, AAMSCO will know what to recommend. 

No training required. The onboarding is fast and you'll be ready to use the same day we go live. 

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