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The rationale for AAMSCO PMAs

Preventive Maintenance is the Key to Service Cost Control & System Uptime

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A Long List of Benefits to Preventive Maintenance Agreements

At AAMSCO, our goal is to eliminate your ID system frustrations and to get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. Preventative Maintenance Agreements present a wide variety of benefits to your company.

  1. Faster Response Time
    AAMSCO’s PMA includes a standard next business day response time for service calls. If a unit is not under a Preventative Maintenance Agreement, a per incident (time and material) call will be placed. The response time for a per incident call is best effort, but is prioritized behind PMA customers.

  2. Save Money
    Two or more per incident calls is greater than the cost of a Preventative Maintenance Agreement. With a PMA, each system receives unlimited service calls. A PMA gives your company the ability to forecast the amount spent on printer service per year, will help you stay cost-effective and will give you peace of mind of not having unexpected repair costs.

  3. Save Time
    When a customer is set up on a Preventative Maintenance Agreement, AAMSCO has full visibility of the system(s). This saves time for your team as well as our team. We do not have to spend needless work hours retrieving information including the printer’s serial number, physical location of the printer and obtaining a purchase order; this is all set up when the Service Agreement is purchased. We will be able to dispatch a service technician in a timelier manner and will not waste your employee’s time getting this information.

  4. Preventive Maintenance
    For dye-sublimation, retransfer thermal printers, and embossers an AAMSCO Preventive Maintenance Agreement includes one or two Preventive Maintenance (PM) calls per year depending on the systems annual production. A PM includes sending a technician out to your site in order to extend the life of the equipment and to eliminate unnecessary service calls in the future which saves on downtime and will increase workplace productivity.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Preventative Maintenance (PM)?

To ensure your printer reaches its full life cycle, Preventative Maintenance is essential. Over time, any electro-mechanical equipment will build up dust and become a target of wear and tear. A PM visit from an AAMSCO technician a one or two times per year, (this is dependent on the annual card production) will help to extend the printer’s life, decrease the amount of service calls and reduce system downtime.

What will my Service Agreement cover?

Parts, labor, travel to and from customer site.

Who will service my printers?

AAMSCO has highly trained and factory-certified technicians who are experts at keeping your equipment in top working condition.

Need repair service for your system? Ask AAMSCO for Help.
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