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We Know A Great Deal About Card Technology.

Here are the Basics.

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Card Technology 101

We have been providing technology cards to our customers for the past 30 years.  Here is an overview of the various types of these cards explained clearly and simply. 

Magstripe Cards

Mag Stripe.jpg
  • Invented in 1960

  • Inexpensive

  • Read by magnetic read head which can get dirty

  • Magnetic stripe prone to scratching

  • Easily duplicated

  • Slowly being phased out


  • Simple, quick, and effective for straightforward applications

  • Not secure

  • Smart phones today have barcode reader applications

Proximity Cards

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  • Introduced in the 1990s

  • Typically used for access control

  • Commonly used where an Identification Card is used

  • Card number is linked to user’s account

  • Not secure.  Easy to clone or duplicate

Contactless Smart Cards

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  • Secure, encrypted technology

  • More expensive than prox cards, but less failure

  • Improved card holder experience

  • Program multiple applications and uses

Contactless NFC Cards

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  • Fast, secure, and provides more benefits than prox cards

  • Ease of use across multiple devices, i.e. card, watch, token, or mobile device

  • Safeguard sectors on the chip as well as the required handshake between the device and the medium of choice.

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