Restrict & authenticate who has physical access to your resources.

Access Control. An Imperative Security Measure for Sites That Handle Sensitive or Classified Operations

Affordable, Scalable Platforms - Cloud Based or In-Network

Access control systems allow you to restrict and authenticate who has physical access to resources on your site. Access control systems encompass a wide range of technologies and mechanisms including magnetic stripe, keypad, and proximity readers, key access, biometric verification, and hosts of others. In any case, an access control system is a security imperative for any organization or site that engages with sensitive or classified operations and must necessarily maintain formal security practices as a part of doing business.


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AAMSCO offers traditional unencrypted “Prox” cards and secured, encrypted Smart cards.


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AAMSCO offers secured, encrypted contact chip Smart cards for physical access as well as logical access for multi-factor authentication.


How many times has an employee or student been locked out because of a forgotten badge or key fob? Modern technology has eliminated these headaches through an encrypted, secure mobile credential. These credentials can be complimentary to or in lieu of a physical badge.

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Among the most cost-effective and innovative access control system providers is BadgePass. AAMSCO is an authorized reseller for Bagdepass products. The latest edition of this BadgePass Enterprise Edition supports the following capabilities

  • Customizable operator layouts

  • Alarm monitoring, prioritization, and acknowledgement

  • Email and SMS event notifications

  • Encrypted communications from clients and endpoints

  • Support for multiple, concurrent operators

  • Backend comprised of an optimized Microsoft SQL Server DBMS and SSRS for reporting

  • Campus wide filtering of users and data

  • A datasync import utility for seamless data import from other databases

  • Support for numerous types of reports including XML, PDF, XLS and CSV

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Biometrics is a unique approach to identity management that offers user convenience, increased security, cost-effective provisioning and a non-repudiated, compliant audit trail for the system operator. Traditional credentials or specialized knowledge—tokens or passwords—cannot guarantee that the person using the system is the authorized individual. Knowing with certainty who is performing a transaction is an essential part of a complete authentication solution. Biometrics is the only mode of authentication that can unequivocally validate a person’s identity. Biometrics offers this certainty along with greater security and convenience — with no added complexity for the user.

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