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We're It for Metal & Plastic Tagging or Direct Product Marking

Plastic & Metal Tagging

Want to tag it? We're it, with metal plate and plastic embossing, dot peen, stamping, laser and impact technology. Click here to explore what we have to offer in best-of-breed products and resources.


Direct Product Marking

Laser, Dot Peen, Stamping and Impact are the most common tagging methods and technologies we support and service at AAMSCO. Click here to explore what we have in line with both products and resources.

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It All Comes From Automator

Automator Marking Systems has been engineering and manufacturing several industrial marking systems since 1940. Its machine offering includes several types of marking: laser marking, impact marking, dot peen marking machines, mechanical presses and more. Since its beginning Automator has been focused on industrial marking. Always imagining, designing and providing state-of-the art technologies. Starting from mechanical marking machines in the 40s and 50s. The company advanced to pneumatic and electric/pneumatic solutions during the 60s and 70s. Followed by the introduction of computerized dot peen markers in the 80s. Production of lasers and laser software systems started in the mid 90s.

Here is a quick glance at the major milestones over Automator's 80+ year history:.

Automator History (2).png
Tech Demo: nanoVIS II with Automatic Tag Feeder (ATF)
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