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Geoff Riordan



Amy Tackett



Deronda Nall





Shannon Riordan

Vice President


Sherri Davis



Adam Carlisle



Ralph Malone



Ben Finder



Angelo Martinez



Drew Leadbetter



A Little More About These People at AAMSCO


Geoff Riordan is a leader in the identification industry and the president of AAMSCO Identification Products. After spending several years as a sales rep in Texas he moved to Little Rock, AR in 1990 and purchased AAMSCO. His experience and passion for identification and security technologies have enabled him to develop a company that offers multiple solutions for corporate and government entities.


Over the years his involvement in the industry provided opportunities to be a member of the Datacard Dealer Advisory Council for ten years. He was also on the Board for the Identification Systems Group for over ten years and served two terms as President. He has remained an active member of this national organization for the past 25 years. Locally, he is a former, 20-year member of the Central Arkansas Executive Association where he was President from 2003 – 2004.


Amy Tackett has lived in Little Rock all her life and she is a huge Arkansas Razorback fan.  With more than 25 years’ experience in back-office operations, Amy handles our accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and HR functions as well as coordinating with service dispatch when needed.  As a person of efficient organization skills, she always looks for ways to streamline operations by working with all departments to fine tune processes and make the AAMSCO experience as easy as possible for all our clients and vendors.


Sherri Davis went to Mississippi College where she majored in Marketing and Accounting.  She is an expert consultant with over 32 years of sales experience.  Sherri is very active in the Chamber and in community networking.  She is passionate about helping clients and helping them understand products, services and processes.  She will work relentlessly to deliver customer service and support.  Sherri wants to ensure that the client has the best solution that works for their company needs and meets industry compliance.


Drew worked for AAMSCO as a low voltage/security subcontractor for a year before he was hired as a technician.  Both Drew and our service manager, Adam Carlisle, worked together at a security company years ago.  He holds an electrician journeymen’s license and sargeant's stripes after having served in the U.S. Army for four years. 


According to Geoff Riordan, President, “We were thrilled to bring Drew on board.  His level of experience in the security industry has been a tremendous benefit to our Service Department. He has also demonstrated that the challenges of learning new technologies associated with the ID industry don’t phase him.”


Shannon Riordan, our vice president, is a proud Arkansas native, having grown up in the capital city of Little Rock. She has been with AAMSCO since 2008 as a sales representative, and has assisted AAMSCO at conferences since she was in high school.


As a graduate from the University of Arkansas, she has gained hands-on experience operating ID badging systems as an employee of the Campus Card Office while completing her degree in Marketing. Shannon is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage program and was voted as Sales Presentation Champion of the class.


She has a passion for establishing healthy relationships with her customers at AAMSCO and does not back down from gaining hands on experience with her customers to achieve better understanding of their processes, obstacles, and goals.


In 2015, Shannon was accepted in the Leadership Arkansas program (Class X), through the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce. This program is designed to provide community leaders with perspective and information about Arkansas’ changing economic and political challenges. Shannon has completed the Little Rock Fire Department Citizens Training Academy; Incident Command Structure courses 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, & 800; and has assisted with four tornado disasters. Shannon is a member of the Central Arkansas Executive Association and has served as a board member since 2020.


Ben Finder is the latest Service Technician to join AAMSCO.  Ben recently completed his CompTIA A+ certified IT certification in order to begin a career in Information Technology.  He has demonstrated an eagerness and willingness to get things done.  We believe he will be a great asset to the service department based on his knowledge of PCs and networking.


Ralph is one of our newest staff additions, yet he's by no means a rookie with regard to AAMSCO. In fact, he was a long-time customer of the company prior to him joining the service team.  With a background in education, network engineering, video security sales not to forget biology, chemistry and physics, Ralph knows how to MacGiver his way through just about any technical challenge that may come up for customers.

His resume backs that up:

Bachelor of Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics - Henderson State University. Master of Science Education, Arkansas Tech University, Founding member of the Office of Distance Education at Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts (ASMSA).  ASMA is where Ralph was prior to joining AAMSCO, and in his 23 years there he was a network engineer, system administrator and a trouble shooting pro on countless occasions.


So when you take all of that into consideration, his comment about AAMSCO's service is well taken:

"Having been a long-time customer and now an AAMSCO employee I can say from both sides of the aisle this group's commitment to customer service and product knowledge is second to none."


Deronda Nall is the operations coordinator at AAMSCO. She is responsible for purchasing, shipping, receiving, inventory control, contract maintenance, and service dispatch. When customers call in, she gathers the supply order information or service details. Her professionalism and unwavering courteous demeanor have kept our processes and procedures on track throughout her 16 years with the company.


“You may not end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be.”

Angelo’s career path has a long straight line, with one very hard turn. Prior to joining AAMSCO as a Service Technician, he was our company president’s barber for 20 years.  Once the pandemic hit in early 2020, Angelo decided to make a career change.  When Geoff Riordan learned this, he knew he had to try to bring him on board.

“I knew that Angelo had great communication and organization skills.  Over the years he also told me about servicing his own cars by reading manuals and that he also had interest in various software applications,” Riordan said.

Since joining AAMSCO in March of ’21, Angelo has excelled in understanding identification systems technology.  Compliments about Angelo from customers and coworkers are common.


Adam Carlisle specializes in low voltage technologies, and is the Service Manager at AAMSCO. He oversees the service department and assists in project management, installations, and designing of security plans.

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