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Markets Served

When new customers first hear of us, they are often surprised to see how diverse our customer base is. And when you scan through the list of different markets we service so well, it really is quite a collection, and one that continues to expand through the progression of good technology.

  • Education (From K-12 through Colleges and Universities)

  • Casino & Gaming

  • Corporate and Small Business

  • Emergency Management

  • Financial Services (Banking, Credit Services)

  • Government (Local, State, Federal)

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

The solutions we provide to customers in these markets are leading-edge in design, yet simple to use. Much of that is because we are so very good at being goal-oriented with every customer we support. You have to be that way when you're working with such a wide menu of solutions in an ever-changing landscape. 

  • ID Card Printers, Software & Cameras

  • Campus Card Solutions

  • ID Accessories & Supplies

  • Contactless Smart Cards & Proximity Cards

  • Financial Cards

  • Surveillance

  • Door Access Control

  • Visitor Registration & Tracking

  • Privileged Account Management

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • SSL, PKI Encryption

  • Personnel, Asset, Facility Tracking

  • Healthcare Patient Identification

  • Embossed Metal Tags

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Healthcare Workers
Credit Card
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