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AAMSCO earned the BadgePass Rockstar Award for 2022, and proof of that was the presentation of that honor by Robbie Jefcoat, director of sales and Lindsay Martin-Nez, CEO at BadgePass.

Our top BadgePass sales reps Shannon Riordan and Sherrie Davis were happy to "share" the trophy!

Keeping Track of Things at the Arkansas Fire Boat School

When you have a fire boat school on a lake and nearby river, with more than 40 boats and crews, you have a lot to keep track of in and out of the water. Through its partnership with Salamander Technologies, AAMSCO provided software that allowed the event coordinators to tag, track, and report responders and volunteers while performing their drills to best ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient day out on the water.

Firemen and search and rescue teams from all over the state came to best sharpen their skills during a rescue operation. Scenarios range from ensuring each crew could perform necessary turns in the boat to rescuing people in a flood with a helicopter rescue.

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