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Patient ID, Smart Reg, Loyalty Cards, Clinic Manager, Key & Lock Management

Better Accuracy & Fewer Problems - Doing Our Part in Today's Healthcare Continuum

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We're Helping Hospitals Save Money In Many Ways

AAMSCO has a long history serving Arkansas’s hospitals. Before digital healthcare records, AAMSCO provided embossers which created cards that were used for everything from pharmacy transactions to billing. In today’s market, barcodes are standard practice for patient identification. A large printer line coupled with durable thermal media creates wristbands and lab labels that have better scan rates. This means better accuracy and fewer problems. Thermal media can also save the hospital important dollars that can be diverted to patient care.

Patient Identification

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AAMSCO offers a robust line of direct thermal or thermal transfer printers from AMT Datasouth that can be used in the hospital setting. Departments can print everything from a single lab label to a full sheet that includes a wristband. Thermal materials have been shown to be more durable in the hospital environment, allowing for better barcode scan rates than wristbands printed via laser. They also have a significant cost savings. With PAL programing, printers can be programed to work with most every electronic medical records system and making them virtually plug-and-play when added. AMT also provides a great line of printers that do larger printing for lab use or even procurement. These printers can also be used in an industrial setting. 

Smart Reg

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Smart Reg is an automated enrollment system that simplifies the process of collecting customer information while increasing the accuracy of the information gathered. BadgePass SmartReg software utilizes advanced driver’s license scanning functionality to read the data stored in 2D barcodes and magstripes on the back of any state or federally issued ID and parses that information into any third party system. Fast and easy to use, SmartReg speeds up the enrollment process and helps to reduce manual data entry errors, saving valuable time and money. With SmartReg, duplicate records and misspellings can quickly become a thing of the past.

Patient Loyalty Cards

Hospitals often have loyal patients that require frequent care like rehabilitation, therapy, or procedures. Because of multiple visits, sometimes medical records are inadvertently duplicated. For example, a database of 500,000 records with a duplication rate of 10%, and a cost of $20 each to correct could result in a $1,000,000 price tag. Patient Loyalty Cards help avoid this duplication by tying their record to a government issued ID to populate the correct data. Loyalty cards are a cost-effective marketing tool that not only reduces duplicate records but also automates registration and improves brand recognition. Call AAMSCO today for more details.

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Manage, Track and Locate Locks and Keys (or Access Cards) in Real Time

FASTKEY software puts an intuitive, at-a-glance dashboard interface in your hands that allows you to track keys and assign these to specific employees with assigned due dates. It also provides alerts when keys become overdue, and provides a floor plan view over where on the floor keys provide access. It's now so much easier to know who has access to specific areas, rooms, from labs and ICU to acute care and outpatient areas. It even drills down into specific areas within a room. With FASTKEY you even have visibility over high risk areas with a complete access history with a simple click.

Facility Coverage

Sections within the software provide detailed access info on staff, contractors, facilities, floors, wings, rooms, spaces within a room, doors, locks, key rings, single keys and employee vehicle information too.

Data Rich

Several details are stored on each key or access card including past due, lost, code, key type, lock code, type, door/room number, key ring, facility, assigned to info, history

and action.


Seamless Integration

SaaS - automatic updates and enhancements. Single Sign On, with Active Directory Federation Services enables FASTKEY to be used seamlessly alongside your existing applications.

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