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Industrial Tagging & Marking Systems

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CIM metal tag embossers are well-known for their first-rate design, sturdiness and reliability.  As such, they are a standard technology used throughout the world.

AAMSCO itself offers several models of the CIM Metal Embosser which are easy to use for just about any volume production process in an office or factory environment. 

For more than 20 years, Matica has been listening to customers’ needs and improving its metal plate embosser family in order to satisfy the most demanding production requirements.

Matica offers the most reliable metal embossing solutions for the most diverse industrial applications around the world. For spare part markers to raw material tags, appliance serial number plates to automobile VIN plates, dog tags to medical alert IDs, we have solutions to handle them all.

With More than 80 Years in the business, Automator has literally made a mark for itself in the industrial arena, and we are proud to offer many of its systems including:

  • Laser

  • Dot Peen Marking

  • Impact Marking

  • Scribe Marking

  • Roll Marking

  • Mechanical Presses

  • Hot Marking

  • Chem-Etching

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