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Back to Work. Back to School. But Safety First.

Temperature Screening & Check-In Kiosks for Schools, Corporate Government and Public Services. 

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Recommended Minimum Health Safety Protocol

Back to Work. Back to School. But Safety First.

Many state and local municipalities recommend businesses and operations check all employees’ temperatures before they enter a building as fever-level symptoms (100° or higher) are consistent with COVID-19. A personnel management kiosk automates that process and ensures accurate readings, consistent reporting, and a proactive measure against a very harmful contagion to people and the operation as a whole.



Provides fast and accurate temperature screening in smaller areas such as schools, offices, retail sites, restaurants, and places of worship.



A trio of advanced technology including a black body camera, tripod and software for real-time thermal imaging and automatic temperature measurement of multiple targets.



Integrates facial detection and non-contact temperature reading simultaneously recording personnel access records for archival purposes.



Provides fast and accurate temperature measurement with a mobile, functional design for comprehensive analysis of personnel in crowded areas.


Kiosk may be used for temperature check, facial recognition or both depending on what you need in your facility. Supports detection for multiple people. Freestanding and countertop options available.

The Key Aspects to These Kiosks

Social distancing, face masks and gloves are all fine and well, yet we need to step up safeguards to ensure people who enter a building are not a risk to the occupants inside be they fellow co-workers, students, patients or other employees in the facility.

Kiosk hardware and software manufacturers have collaborated with biometric technology providers to produce systems that take people’s temperatures before they are permitted into an environment where they may interact with other people. These kiosks use infrared imaging (IR) paired with facial detection to provide quick, accurate temperature scanning and facial recognition without physical contact. They can alert staff automatically if they detect a person with a high body temperature or if an inbound individual is not wearing a required mask.

They are not classified as medical devices, so it is important to understand the kiosks are not diagnostic systems. Nevertheless, they are impressive when you consider their value as a front line of defense against the transmission of infectious pathogens and bacteria including the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Pricing & Installation Info Vary Based on Model, Coverage Area.
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