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Video Management Systems (VMS) With a Unified Security Platform

Improve operational efficiency and increase profitability. Always be connected no matter where your business takes you.


Keeping People Safe & Assets Secure

We know how important safety is in any facility today. This is why we partner with LENSEC, the pioneer behind Perspective VMS, an enterprise-level video management software designed for surveillance. This simple-to-use tool allows you to quickly identify camera locations, obtain real-time situational awareness and view live-streaming video.

Video analytics, access control, and several third-party security applications are integrated with PVMS, creating a unified security platform with an ability to track behavior and movement while automating processes for administrators and users.

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LENSEC's Perspective VMS is appropriate for small, single-site deployments, mid-tier security projects, or multi-site locations. The video above gives you a quick look at its advantages within a school system. 

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